I have the scancat lite plus program and I am having trouble getting it to
download the race frequencies to transfer to the radio shack radios. I bought
the special plug. I'm sure it just because I don't know what I am doing. I
would greatly appreciate your help.


Mr. Scanner sells a CD-ROM that has a listing for the 50 States for Police and Public Safety, but no one makes a similar list for NASCAR, as they change from race to race.

This is a website we "recommend" as they list about 5-6 races, and the frequencies, drivers and car numbers.

Problem is there is no way to directly "import" these into Scancat.

What we recommend is using EXCEL or a similar software product as a "conduit" to be able to cut from one application and paste into Scancat.

So, Here is a short tutorial on how to get Nascar Web pages into Scancat.
IF you have EXCEL, Here is how to do it in 1-2-3-4 step fashion.

1 - Go to one of the Racing sites and get one of
    the frequency lists on your screen

2 - At the top or your "browser" choose
        FILES >
          Save Page as
         Save Target as
     and choose to save the file as "Full HTML"

3 - Then start both
     Scancat _and_ EXCEL

4 - From Within EXCEL use "Load file"
    and pick the HTML file you just saved
    The Frequencies will be displayed in EXCEL in rows and columns

5 - Using your mouse highlight a column of frequencies
     and Holding down the CTRL Keyboard key Press "C" (COPIES)

    HINT - If you have the frequencies AND the DRIVERS in adjacent
    columns, you can copy TWO columns at a time into Scancat.

6 - Then Go to Scancat, place you mouse where you want to start
         PASTEING, and press CTRL + "V" (Pastes)

This will copy what you highlighted (and copied)
From EXCEL into Scancat's Database.

Just continue with this until you have everything you want "copied" Into our Database grid


Best regards