After all this time, I certainly do appreciate your help as I am not a heavy radio ( ham) type guy.  I am trying to put weather channels on bank A.  That equals 10 frequencies.  Then the marine receive channels on bank B.  That equals 6 to 10 channels.  On bank  C, I only need a couple of channels for aircraft.  If you can head me in the right direction, I will certainly be thankful.  Jim Brewer  313.562.0460.  Fax 313.562.8758.

The R10 is organized into banks of 50 Channels each

1 - Go to setup - set Scancat for the R-10

        then........ at main screen

2 - FILES > Create New File

     I would recommend using filename "R10-data.SCN"
         USE the Extension "SCN" (very important

3 - on the Database Screen CLICK on the "ADD RECORD" button (on bottom)
        a - This will add a new record with "000.0000" for the frequency
       b - then edit that with the first frqeuncy you want for
            example the weather 162.4
        c - add the rest of them by adding a record and then editing

4 -   Since the radio has 50 channels per bank, you will want to skip
      from the last weather frequency to chan 51
5 -   This would require that you press the add record button until you
      have added enough "blanks" to get to chan 51

        Watch the top menu bar and it will show you where your cursor
       is located (record # 51 etc)

6 -    then add in your next "bank" of frequencies, such as
              the 8 - 10 marine channels

7   -  then add blank records to skip down to channel 101 and do the same

8 - when you get it all organized, click on "FILE - Save File" and then exit

9 -  Exit back to main screen and choose "Radio Memory Management"
           Pick Conventional >  Load Radio
10 - At the next screen, if it isn't "picked",
           Pick the file "R10-data.scn"

11 - Press "begin" -

12 - follow the yellow brick road.