If you have let windows install "it's driver", most likely it has chosen an improper device driver.

When you are in the wizard and it asks for the driver, you should double click on the CD folder titled "driver". Sometimes it doesn'y appear to "take", and It will not display the INF file until you then choose "next". Once you click to "next", the INF driver should be displayed on the screen.

You may need to Uninstall the USB driver, and start over. If you call, be at the computer, and I may be able to step you through the process. 

BUT - It may have installed properly, but all that is wrong is you need to pick the correct serial port. Normally the USB driver will set up a new serial port as the NEXT HIGHEST port number. SO start by choosing the highest comm port # and then work you way down till you find it and get connected.

I have installed your Scancat-lite on my computer which is running
WindowsXP.  I talked to someone on the phone on Monday 8/28/06 about not
being able to download the database to my scanner through the cable from
Black Bag Software.  I was informed to buy the cable from Radio Shack
20-047.  I bought and installed the driver cd but had a problem when Windows
Wizard came up with New Hardware Found.  I didn't seem to find the browse
for driver button and point to the folder on the CD titled Drivers. I let
the wizard do the install because I had no choices.  Anyways I still can't
get the program to load into the scanner.  I never got this "inf" file
screen.  Help  what next can I do?  My name is Randy Wittig and email  is
RWITTIG1@WI.RR.COM.   If need be I can call  during the day but I won't be
near the computer.  THANK YOU

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