The problem with the inability to find a commport is not the fault of our software, but instead is because the driver for the cable is not working properly, and with Windows 10 needs a Windows 10 compatible driver

It would really help to know the model of the scanner you have, as there are different drivers depending on who makes the scanner etc.

here is the link to ALL of our driver on a single download page

THIS LINK is for the windows 10 driver for Radio Shacks,

This one could be for "some" Unidens that use a USB Cable with a "Bubble Circuit Board" in line on the cable

BCD325/996P2 UNIDEN's - you need to go to "here" and read from screen 8 to 14

IF Radioshack, You must be using the "real" RaduoShack 20-047 or 20-546 cable. Many cables found on Amazon or Ebay are not genuine (china copies) , and many times customers report that will not work

let me know your results with proper cable/driver.


I have two USB ports on my computer and they both are working.  The Scancat Lite Software gives me an error message - No CommPort detected on this computer - HELP.



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