Most of Radio Shacks radios are programmed with a "cloning" method. This means the data is compressed into a block of "memory information", and then the entire thing is sent to the radio in one operation. There is no way to "pick and choose" a few extra frequencies. EVERYTHING that should be in the radio has to be sent every time.

So what I suggest is:

Read what is in the radio

SAVE the file (in case you want to "go back)

Add the few extras frequencies and stuff into the "RSD database grid"

Send the entire thing back to the radio (old stuff and new stuff)


Mr. S,

I was trying to add frequencies to my radio without loading the RSD which
totally wipes out all my radio data except for the data in taht particular
file.  Aslo the CSV files i was trying to load were downloaded from



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What files are you describing?
         the Nat Com SOURCE files
           or the RSD (Personal files)?

It SOUNDS like you trying to load (IMPORT) a SD File as a SOURCE
file. I can't figure why you want to do that, but....
CSV files not created by (or for) our Scancat format will probably
not "load" correctly. Our RSD files use a lot of numerical data to
trigger the pulldowns and buttons that are part of the grids. So it
is not possible to accurately create a file outside of SCL.

Unless you really need to use the attenuation etc columns these can
be left at "0's", but attempting to edit one of our files outside of
SCL will probably either "trash" the file, or produce unpredictable
results. FYI -  We are not trying to keep someone from USING or
READING our RSD files, it's just a practical way for us to store data.

If this doesn't answer your question give me more details such as the
type of file you are using and where you are creating it (within Excel??

If you are wanting to use more than ONE database and merge them, then
take a look at these FAQs, as it may be the "answer".