Hello Jim,
Thanks for the timely response. I was able to get it downloaded. The key confusion was the fact that it does not go into the clone mode until you start to download. Since the O/M states it will happen when you plug the cord into the unit, and it didn't, I was confused.

Radio Shack's Owners Manuals are not "the best".... some things are written with the idea that two RADIOS's are connected, not a radio and a PC.

It was also interesting that when I plugged the black cord for older models, the clone mode appeared immediately. This was another reason I thought the grey cord would produce a similar result.

The black cable breaks/shorts a contact on the jack in the radio, sending it into clone mode... not what should be happening. When the MONO plug is put in it mates properly and doesn't send the radio into clone... then software can do it. (confusing I know)

Anyway, the unit is programmed and I have shared this information with my corporate office. Was there anything on your site, that addressed this, that I missed ? If not, hopefully you can add this to it.

That's the idea, I take the emails that have "good info" in them and add them to the "FAQ on line".