We "do" now support the AR8200 in the SC-Lite.

Go to this link and use the "upgrade under 18 months"
  and we will honor our $9.95 commitment


You will most likely have to reenter all of your login etc as this was all changed a "few years ago".

But - We can't support the PSR700/800 (RS PRO-107/108) units. GRE made the unit. "They" are no longer in business. And as a consequence, RS will no longer have these units (or support them) either. 

Back when these first came out we tried and tried to get the "protocol" to support programming the SD Micro Memory cards, but they flat refused. To make things "harder", the data on the SD card is encrypted, and there is No Known Way to even "read" it, let alone change it etc. This is a common problem with manufacturer's who are paranoid about the user stealing 'intellectual property'. I won't get into the politics, but suffice to say, we can't support what the manufacturer won't support "us" with.

Best regards

From:   Robert

Hello Mr. Springer,
I'm hoping you are still the owner/proprietor of this company. A few years
ago, I purchased ScanCat-Lite (order number 1740004647) and at that time,
you did not support the AOR 8200. In an email to me, (of which I can provide
if needed) you stated when the program was upgraded to support this, there
would be a $9.99 upgrade fee. Is this still the case? And does the current
version of this software also support the GRE-PSR800 / RS-Pro18? I don't see
it listed on your 'supported radios' dropdown. I also don't see the
RS-Pro107 listed.



Jim Springer   <()>