Here's how to READ the entire radio and save that as a file for backup.

Usually when a radio is purchased off Ebay, it's not in the same area as 'you are',
so most times it wouldn't have anything of "local interest" anyway. 

Go to the top menu, choose to "read entire radio". This will also create
A copy of the radio's contents as a "clone file".

Once you read (it saves the file for you),
before you reload TO the radio send that clone file to me
via an email and attach the file that is titled like "below
example", (maybe) I can use "it" to reconstruct what is in your radio

Here is what to do

go to this folder
        C:\Program Files\Scancat-Lite-Plus\GRE_Clone

IN this folder will be a file named "this"
        (date will be YOUR date)

THIS is the file I want:

it is a mirror image of the memory contents of your radio.
Meaning .... what is in THIS file is what's in the actual radio

Send it to me as a "file attached",
 and I'll take a look to see what is in your radio

thanks in advance


PC is running WinXP SP3
to the best of my knowledge, it was programmed with the ScanCat Lite. The seller gave no indication that other s/w was used, but I do not know that for sure.
What you are inplying is that I will need to start from scratch, (ie. write first, then I'll be able to read)? Is there any way to get some of the data on the radio that I wanted to keep?
I will try a write read cycle to check. I was hoping to have a back up of what was programmed  in case I really screw things up. I will let you know how it works.......
Thanks for the response
From: Jim Springer <>
Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 10:33 AM
Subject: Re: Scancat Tech Support


Need to know what windows version you are using

1 - =========================

I'm making some assumptions, but usually when this radio has been
programmed by "another" software, Scancat has difficulty if reading
some systems, particularly conventions systems.  Without getting
technical it is caused by the way the "other software" sends
terminator flags to indicate bank separations.

Once the radio is programmed by Scancat, then Scancat can also read
everything back correctly.

If this is NOT what you are describing, give me a little me detail
and I'll try to help

2 - =========================
On the Virtual Radio (time lag). This is due to the way the radio
works. It is somewhat sluggish in updating what you see on the
radio's screen versus what you see on the computer. All the data has
to be sent TO the computer through the "cable", and that tends to
slow down the "real time sync" you see on the computer.

>Below is the result of your tech support question.  It was submitted by
>  ( on Monday, August 12, 2013 at 10:00:27
>Customer Name: Tom
>City: Shawnee
>State: KS
>Zip_Code: 66203
>Country: USA
>Product_In_Use: ScanCat Lite Plus v1.6.2
>Radio_In_Use: Pro-106
>Cable In Use: 20-546
>Dealer: CAT
>Comments: purchased scanner from individual, he supplied Scncat CD
>as p/o purchase. Cannot get the S?W to read radio correctly. Works
>OK w. eval ver WIN500 (same PC/cable/radio). after read displays
>invalid freq/test in most channels. Virtual radio works mostly (not
>always in sync w/ radio display)

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