IF you are programming a TRUNKING frequency (IE: the Trunking check box is "red") .... then there is no choice - the program/radio will REset the mode to FM regardless.... The mode "change" only functions on Conventional frequencies, (such as AM Aircraft).  Tell me a couple of the frequencies you are using and I can better judge the problem.

If you are using conventional settings, then let me know if you still have a problem with the program "changing" it back to FM. It "could be", the frequency is outside the normal bandplan, and the program (or maybe the radio) detects this and changes it back.... but it isn't supposed to <G>



I am using and older verison of scancat to program my pro 97. I'm
having an problum when I use the auto feature to set the mode when im
not sure about it, ( it will go in to fm instead of am) Is there any
fix to it?

And also when I down load the radio to the computer the freqs I have
for trunked are marked and also so are the other ones in that bank are
marked trunked?

Any help will be greatful.