Trunked Systems should have the RED CHECKBOX checked beside all Trunked frequencies. Conventional should NOT. This shows a mix of conventional and trunking freqs in the same bank

AND you have to pick the SYSTEM TYPE from the pull down column which is in the bright green area of the bank

        With no system type picked

        with Mot Type II

FYI - the "beeps" are part of what is being broadcast from the transmitting station, not coming as a part of your scanner's operation.

We do not support the files from RadioReference, "It's complicated".... however you will probably find most of what you need at this link

And free freqeuncies are at


Thank you so much for the update!

I am working through the Scan-Cat-Lite programming instructions now and looking forward to getting this radio working!  I have 2 questions:  Do I need to program trunked radio systems differently in the Scan-Cat-Lite any differently than non-trunked systems?  I noticed in the programming software that there is a "column to check" with a red checkmark when programming trunked radio systems - Do I or does the programming software automatically check that column?  I ask this as I would like to program into the radio the frequencies that appear on the following link:


Secondly,  why does the scanner beep 5 times at the beginning and at the end of a transmission I receive?

Again,  thank you for all of your help assisting me as I am a complete novice at this.