We do not have a "Personal Programming" service, as we are only a software company. Originally your radio was programmed at Radio Shack. They leased our software (Scancat-Lite-Plus) from us (that) was installed in all their stores. They (as you can tell) no longer do that and have also cut back their sales of scanners significantly.

IF you have a windows based computer, you can purchase our software. You would still have to get the cable from a radio shack store or "on line", as we do not sell the cables.

Here is some information on our software products

Here is the link to Radio shack's cable - you would probably have to phone a store out of your area and they will then ship it to you.

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I need some help i have a police scanner that was bought from radio shack and it needs to be reprogrammed but all radio shacks where i live have closed there doors so was seeing if you were able to help me

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