If the radio is "hanging" up on a bank and will not go any further. Normally this is due to some frequency programming into the "Next" bank that is Invalid. It is usually because the last 2-3 digits after the decimal of the frequency do not exactly correspond to the radio's built in step size.

So this is how to fix that.

1 - Turn radio on and then press SCAN
2 - when radio stops scanning, the cursor will be
    blinking on a bank number
        EXAMPLE Bank 2 is blinking
3 - Press MANUAL - that will stop scanning and you will see
    a frequency and channel number
4 - Press MANUAL one more time.
     IF there is a frequency displayed, write it down on paper
        If NO frequency is displayed Press MANUAL until you SEE one.

      then- press PGM on the radio's keypad
      then- REENTER that frequency
        "Usually" the last 2-3 digits of that frequency will be changed.

NORMALLY that will fix the hangup problem, so let me know if you still continue to have problems.

Best regards

Jim Springer

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