The PRO-2018 is the desktop counterpart of the PRO-82. While Radio Shack states that the 20-047 cable will work with these radios, in reality it will not. The technical reason is that the PRO-82/2018's were designed to be programmed through the headphone jack directly from the RS232 Serial port at + or - 12V Data levels. GRE erred in that they designed the 20-047 cable output voltages to be reduced to 5.5 TTL levels for all their later scanners that use the PC/IF jack.....  So the PRO-82 simply cannot see the data as the cable's voltage is too low.

We don't sell the cables, that's Radio Shack's area. Even though it is "thier" mess-up, it seems "we" get all the tech support issues even though we don't sell the cable.

The only solution for this is... you must get Radio Shack to order you a 20-048 (Black cable). It will work just fine as we've tested it. Radio Shack is well aware of this (now), as we pointed this out to them a few months back when they first came out with the new USB 20-047 cable. We got lots of calls about this, and finally discovered it was the "cable", not our software at the root of the problem. 

FYI - They still have them in Ft.Worth, and can order them for you through the local store's terminals.... even though they no longer carry them as a stock Item.

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I've got the red light blinking when I transfer frequencies from the scancat lite software to my Pro 2018 scanner, but the scanner isn't being loaded.
using 3" adapter on the 20-047 cable
 timing at .001
then checked increase load read speed
then checked win xp box
then unchecked xp box
 tried different baud rates
nothing ??

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