Reading from the radio should be straightforward. WIRED shows up whenever you plug the cable into the radio. Even when cable isn't connected to the computer.

This radio will give some indication that it is talking to the PC. When it is "reading" to the PC, The LCD will "clock" with numbers in ascending order as we communicate with it. If this is not happening, then most likely you are not really connecting with the PC. Since software is almost immediately saying "error", I feel you either have it plugged into the wrong comm port, have "picked" the wrong comm port, or you may be using the wrong cable (should be 20-289 grey cable)

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I just purchased Scancat Lite, and I m trying to use it with the PRO-2051. I have the COM port right, when I try to read a bank, the radio says wired on the display, and the progress bar on top of the software says reading radio for about 2 seconds then gives the message problems reading radio. I have messed with the settings, at present they are set at 9600, com 1, timing is at .01. Is there anything else I should try? Thanks