The main issue is that the Frequency Fan Club (and others similar) do not provide a file format that is native or directly importable into our program. Yes - we do have some import features, but it is not able to cover all situations.

Most import features are on this "menu tree"


IF it is importable, the file would be considered a source file, not an RSD file. IF they are providing you an "RSD" file (Not a raw comma delimited file), it is not with our knowledge (*or permission), so I would guess if it Is an RSD file it is of their own creation and hence why all the blanks and errors.

If you can provide me one of their files I can more intelligently provide you with a solution. We have talked to a number of the NASCAR frequency owners, but they do not appear to be interested in supporting software vendors. It is frustrating for us, but that is the way they choose to conduct business.

Most of the NASCAR sites sell their frequency lists, so that is their sole income, (most charge you a subscription fee to get the lists). So they "really" are not interested in our overtures.

On the other questions/comments:
- EDIT is now on our menu as COPY, and we 'do' need to change the screen shot in the manual.

You CAN copy an entire bank from one RSD grid to another. This FAQ details how to do it. . . and it is (really) just a couple of "clicks". The "copy entire grid" is about 2/3 of the way down the FAQ document.


And this one is a complete folder with more tips and hints for NASCAR.

                Including this one.


Also, copy and Paste can be a single cell, multiple cells or any combination of these, all work with about 3-4 cut/paste steps.

As a summation, Scancat-Lite-Plus is heavily weighted toward the Trunking scanners. NASCAR scanners are only 1 or 2 scanners in over 30 we now support. Of 10 current scanner models at Radio Shack only 1 is a real racing oriented scanner. It's not an excuse, it just the way things work out. National Communications 1-800-423-1331 provides a very good list of "public safety" frequencies for the entire USA, but NONE of the NASCAR sites we have contacted are willing to form an agreement with Nat-Com (or us)... so we can only do what we can do. I feel "it's always about the Money", and if they are making money ... they are not going to provide us with any of it. :(

If you have other questions, I'm sure I can help you.

Best regards


I purchase this product today and used the download feature, so far I'm not impressed.  I'm download frequencies from Frequency Fan Club in rsd format.  When the freqs are input into the DB there are numerous blank channel (lines) and only about 20 entries per bank.  I'd like to place the full 50 channels per bank.  The manual shows an Edit feature on the tool bar but the software I have does not have that feature.  Therefore, it appears that I must copy and paste entries manually which is very cumbersome.  Also, the manual says the contents of one bank can be move to another with a single click.  How?  I cannot find anyway to do this.  The scanner I'm using is a RS Pro-99.  I did load the scanner successfully using a RS 20-047 programming cable.  I use the scanner for NASCAR races and some of the drivers have multiple frequencies, your software did load some of the additional frequencies into the DB but the alpha indexing did not correspond to the driver.

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