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Yesterday I bought a Radio Shack pro-99 scanner and a 200-0047 USB cable.

 The people at Radio Shack were not sure whether this USB cable will work with Scancat-lite and I am unsure also. I downloaded your trial version and I see no place to set the software for anything other than a serial cable. Will the demo software work with my cable & radio?

The 20-047 is both a USB adaptor and a Serial Device. It requires the driver disk to be in the computer drive when you plug in the device for the first time. THEN when windows asks you were the driver is, point to the CD's folder titled DRIVERS. It will get set up on your computer as a Serial comm port


It looks like the demo version does not allow uploading of the frequencies that they downloaded to my radio at the store to the program. Will I lose this information if I try?

Will the full version of Scancat-lite work bi-directionally with the USB cable?
 Yes, sure will

What frequency information is included when I buy Scancat-lite. I am mostly interested in local police/fire, IRL, CART, F1, Nascar frequencies.

Frequency information is produced by Mr Scanner ($29.95)

The Software Scancat-Lite-Plus  ($29.95)
  does not come with frequencies

However yOu can purchase both Scancat-Lite-Plus and the Mr. Scanner Public Safety CD for $49.95

SO you save $10.00 by buying as a package.

NASCAR frequencies are not part of the FCC's Database. And since the drivers and races change so dynamically it is not possible to sell a CD that contains the frequency information. We have a Racing link on this page

But seems like every time we post a Racing URL, in a few days it disappears. So if this link doesn't work, use GOOGLE to search for "free racing frequencies". 

Also look on this FAQ for some hints and tips relating to how to get NASCAR off of the web and into Scancat.

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