Our Scancat-Lite-Plus supports the PRO-99


Currently we only program the "banks". Meaning banks 1 thru 10 can be changed or edited by our program but the "Pre-programmed" frequencies are not changed. WHEN you use the PREprogrammed frequencies (manually - by using the radio), they are placed into banks 8 and 9 of the radio.

 When we originally brought out our support for the PRO-99, Radio Shack did not provide the Documentation on how to change the Pre-programming areas, so we have only recently been able to acquire that "extra" doc. In addition, Radio Shack does not (yet) have the newer frequency updates, and until we can determine the "format" they are using, we cannot create the "code". It may take us until the end of April to get the additional information, and, finish adding in the extra support for the preprogrammed frequencies.

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I have a Radio Shack "Race Track" Pro-99 and I'm looking to update the NASCAR NEXTEL freq's.  If I buy the package from yall, will it override the freq's stored in my scanner  or will it be added somewhere else.  The scanner has the pre-programmed freq's but some are outdated, and new drivers are driving different cars.  Thanks in advance.

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