No problem, Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL) supports the PRO-97 _and_ about 30 other Uniden and Radio Shack scanners - all in the same program.  What you want to do is easily accomplished. Fact is we recommend a new user first Read back from the radio into our program all the frequencies, in order to make a backup - and - to be able to have the radio's template to work with for editing and making changes or additions.

The RS Part number 20-047  is the USB cable, and it comes with a CD for installing drivers to make it look like a serial port to the computer. AND you must also attach the 3" stereo to mono adaptor in order to mate the mono jack in the side of the radio.

Best regards

Jim Springer

I'm looking at your Scan-Lite software but I just want make sure Iím
thinking correctly. I have a Radio Shack PRO-97 and I just want to
upload data from my scanner to my laptop, do some reorganization, then
download. I assume I can also save my data on my hard drive as a backup.

I also need you to advise me on the cables I need. I have an older IBM
ThinkPad 600E running Win2000 and I have one USB port and one serial
port. I prefer to use the serial port as it is unused and my USB is. It
looks like Radio Shack has several cables and drivers. Can you give me
the RS part numbers?

I was just on you web site and I like the 11022 bundle you are offering.
Iíll probably order that.