I have an XP TouchScreen And a recent XP Machine Desktop. I don't see this problem. I really feel that this is more computer related than software. I can't say about the newer media based computers, but they are not geared to the same kind of applications.

Go to the lower widnows
        START (button)
          (Choose)  RUN
                Type in the RUN box "msconfig"

Take a look at all the applications that are in your startup folder (tab to far right). I'd say one of more of them could be eliminated from starting UP on boot, and that may solve your issues. OR you could have a virus slowing down everything.


I did as you said and moved the speed slider all the way to the left and the
program still freezes up after programming the radio. I have to restart my
computer to get the program to shut down. Have you tried your software on a
computer with Windows XP Media Edition?? Please help, this is getting
frustrating, and I believe you are the only one to supply software for
Radioshack  scanners.


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