I presume you saved the file that you used to program the radio?

Load it back up and check these two things

1 - ALL frequencies (in a bank) that are associated with that trunking system must have the "Trunked" check box check "red"

Until you get it working, it is not a good idea to mix conventional frequencies in the same bank as a trunking system. Can cause problems.

2 - To far right in the GREEN trunking area, look in the "Trunk Sys Settings". The TOP "white selection box" should have a trunking type picked, such as "MOT-Type II 800"

Let me know if you need more "suggestions"


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        My question is, after carefully programing my radio (Radioshack PRO-97 Triple-Trunking Handheld)by the instructions included with Scancat-Lite, For my area (Maricopa County,Phoenix AZ. Area)I watched Patiently as each Bank was being programed, and after the loading process was completed, I unhooked everything, turned the radio on, got a screen intitled, (Programed by Scancatlite) the radio then started scanning all the Banks, and NOTHING could be picked-up?It just went up the banks and could-not pick-up 1 reception? Did I miss a step here?? I can be reached at the above E-Mail, and Phone Number. Thank-You Very Much for your time.

                                  Kermit R. ludwig Sr. United States Navy (Retired)