You have several options

Radio Shack offers a "free programming" for the most of their radios including the PRO-97. Just call one of the stores and ask if they can do this. If not, ask which other store in the county you live in does this, and take it to them.

They use a store version of our software "Scancat-Lite-Plus"

And if you wish to do this with your home computer, take a look at this link for more information.  The cable to connect to the computer is only available at Radio shack and it's Part Number is 20-047 - this is the link to RS

The software does not include frequencies for the $29.95 price, but we Do have a package that includes a Frequency disk that covers your area and then entire USA (Retail $29.95) or can be purchased at a discount with our software in a couple of packages we have on our Shopping Cart.

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Question?  I just bought my husband a Pro97. How does he go about getting it programmed?  Can he do it himself or do we have to take it to someone else?