The radio should not go into clone mode when you plug in the cable to the radio. This is usually because of using the Wrong Cable, or, The wrong connector

Cable should be RS# 20-289 - 9pin serial cable, and a mono plug on radio end.
Cable should be RS# 20-047 - USB - and while the cable has a stereo plug on the wired on cable, you have to use the adaptor with the mono plug on radio end.

Let me know if further issues.


I am unable to get the scancat-lite plus to send the info to my scanner.  I have a radioshack pro-97.  When it is plugged in it only reads clone mode.  When I try to send the data from the software it says the scanner should start receiving in 5 seconds however it doesn t send it.  I downloaded some of the files and hand typed the rest.  Please help.


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