None of those suggestions worked so I completely un-installed both the
program and the USB device and reinstalled them. It's working now so I'm
guessing there was an error in the initial loading. Thank you for your help.


It's Probably one of two common reasons.

1 - Make sure the mono cable is on the end of the plug before
plugging into the radio.

2 - Pick the HIGHEST port shown as "on the computer", as the USB
normally sets up the next highest one.

3- DO NOT push any buttons on the radio.....  Using the USB cable -
it goes into clone mode when cable plugged in... software will take
care of all of that automatically.

This usually fixes 90 % of the problems like this.

If not

Go to our website's FAQ and look at these.

If still not working, call us on Monday at
   318-687-2555 10am - 3pm Central

Best regards


>I purchased the scancat software to help me program my pro2055 and
>my pro97. I also purchased the 20-047 programing cable. When i hook
>either of them up for the program to read it doesnt receive
>anything. They do go into clone mode and i set it to send the info.
>The program prompts me after a little while that nothing was
>received. What could i be doing wrong?

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