Radios such as the PRO97/PRO-96 or any of RadioShacks scanners that display "CLONE MODE" when you plug in the cable can only be programmed ALL banks as one time. It's because the EEPROM is what is getting programmed, not an individual bank/channel. What this means is you must send all the banks back to the radio, or anything left off will not be programmed TO the scanner.

It's not really that bad a deal, as long as you remember to send them all back every time. You can move things around in the software, add/change/edit/delete  a bank or more and then reprogram the scanner in under 5 minutes.

Look at some of our Video Tutorials,

ALSO look at this FAQ

as it details how to edit/cut/paste a bank at a time and organize your radio to suit your needs.


    I have a couple of questions for you.
    I loaded my Pro-97 using your RSD files. If I want to change one bank at a time after the intial load, can I do this? When I click on the load frequencies tab, I see the message that says to load entire radio. I am assuming that the program does not give me the option to load or change a bank one at a time?
    I watched the tutorial on loading the frequencies into my radio. When I highlight the entire frequency chart and use the ctrl-c and ctrl-v does this tranfer all of the neccessary info needed to make the radio operational. ie, id tags, group numbers, fleet numbers, etc?
    On all non-trunk frequencies, I set the delay feature so I will not miss any replys. It's my understanding that setting the delay feature to "ON" is not neccessary for trucked frequencies. Is this a correct assumption? Also, while my scanner was in search mode and stopped on a 800 trucked channel, I pushed the trunk button on the radio and it stored an ID number. what is the purpose of the feature and shoyuld I erase what I did?
    I have loaded frequencies from the RSD files into my radio however this has left my radio with many empty channels. Can I now maually load these channels with more frequencies? Can I have trunked and non-trunked frequencies in the same band?
    I see that you offer a CD set on your website for additional frequencies. If I purchase this CD set, will I be getting a lot more frequencies that I received from the RSD file?
Please advise
Thanks, Kevin

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Jim Springer
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