It's not the software, it's because the radio shack units don't have anything in their firmware to support "monitoring".  No matter WHAT you buy to program the radio, the software will never be able to "monitor" the radio. It is analogous to trying to start a car with a key, but it doesn't have an engine.

If this is what you want to do, then there are a few Uniden Radios that support monitoring the radio's activity. BC250/BC296 are the only two Uniden Handhelds.  Also BC780 / BC785 or BC796

Try this "search link" on Ebay - or search for "Uniden Trunk" and see what you find.


Scancat-Gold for Windows will monitor these radios. But that is because the radio can supply monitoring info. Radio Shacks units simply can't do that.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT QUESTION -----------------------------
Customer Name: CLAUDE
Product In Use: scancat lite plus
Radio In Use: pro 97
Cable In Use: white
Dealer: c.a.t.
Comments: what do I need to have to have monitor mode product. scancat lite just isnt doing what i thought it would do?