Scancat-Lite-Plus supports the PRO-96. It can Backup - or - program your radio from a PC Interface. The Program is very similar in looks to a SpreadSheet, and once you put in the frequencies etc, it programs the radio in about 2-3 minutes, as often as you wish. You can start by reading the contents of your radio into the program, editing, then reprogram changes.

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You will need to get the cable at radio shack
        SKU Number = 20-289
        http://downloads.scancat.com/cable-20-289.jpg    20-289 cable (Grey (or) White cable)

Best regards

I recently moved from an old analog community to a new trunked 
community.  I purchased a pro 96 scanner and manually programmed my 
county (Polk County, FL) frequencies and add a talk group ID from the 
internet when i see one.  I am still learning about trunked scanners.

Is there a software program that I can hook the scanner up to, 
download the frequencies and talk groups into and be done with it?

If there is please let me know and I'll order it ASAP.

David McClain
lake Wales, FL

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