If your PRO-96 scanner locks up or is not working properly, you may need to reset or initialize the scanner.  As resetting the scanner does not erase either the working or V-Scanner memories you should try this first. If turning off the scanner or resetting the scanner does not work, you should initialize it. Initializing the scanner will clear all working memory so only perform this operation as a last resort. The V-Scanner memory will not be erased. If you want to save the information in the working memory of the scanner you can try to save it into one of the V-Scanner folders, a computer or another scanner first. 

Reset The Scanner (doesn't erase everything, just resets)

1. First turn the scanner OFF then back ON again.

2. Insert the end of a paper clip that has been straightened out into the reset opening at the side of the scanner.

3. Press and release the button that is inside the reset opening.

Initialize The Scanner (erase everything)

1. First turn the scanner OFF then back on again.
"Welcome To Digital Trunking" will display

2. Press the 0 button. "System Tests; Select Test; Exits if no Key Press" will display.

3. Press the number 1 button. "Factory Init; Erase Memory; ENTER if Yes; CL to Exit" will display.

4. Press the ENTER button. "Initializing; Clr Main Mem; V-Scan is OK; Please Wait" will display.

Wait until the initialization of the scanner is complete before turning it off. When the scanner has finished initializing, "M000" will display on the top line and "Bank 0 Ch 00" will display on the bottom line.

Info for Our Software is located at this link

This is a link to the Manual for the PRO-96

This is where you can buy the cable from Radio Shack

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