First, read this FAQ, it could be the solution.


If that doesn't fix it, I'm not sure the software is causing this, especially since it works for a while and then doesn't. Sounds like you may have an automatic "lockout" occurring, or, are you possibly locking out frequencies on a trunking system?  You cannot lock out a trunking frequency or eventually it would not be able to receive.

If you are hearing the "data channel" noise, that would indicate you are scanning in CONVENTIONAL mode. IF you lock out one of the noisy data channels, that will prevent further monitoring WHEN in trunking.

Make sure ALL the frequencies in a trunking system have the "TRUNK" checked. This is the check box immediately to right of the frequencies description, and when checked, it will be "red". Not checking some or all of these places that frequency into the radio as "conventional" and then that frequency will not be part of the trunking system.

I'm just guessing, but this sounds like what may be the problem


        I have the white serial male to male phono mono. I have had success in downloading from scanner to computer. And from computer to Scanner. I had to play with the settings which took me a long time. However after uploading from computer to scanner It worked however, I'm having problems with the scanner. It only reads or scans through the frequencies for about 5 minutes and then it stops scanning. It seems like it freezes. Please help me. I am back at college. I don't want to use my cell phone and put on a lot of minutes with the number you gave me.
I am attempting another download to see if it works. Otherwise I will be sending another e-mail to you.
Ncik R