The WHITE cable would be the 20-289 RS SKU #. It requires a serial port on your computer. Is this connected to your computer "straight", or did you have to use an adaptor to connect?

The 20-047 cable has a "orange colored" case about midway between the two grayish cables with connectors. One connector is USB and the other is a Stereo plug. You MUST use the stereo to MONO adaptor if that is the cable you have.

Did you read the FAQ link I sent?


THIS one is pretty good at helping you find what is wrong... and how to correct it.

I have been out of the office this morning for my annual Doctor visit check up, so I'm back now. It would be a lot easier if you would call our tech line at 318-687-2555. Here till 3:00 Central M-F.  What information you have given me so far is not enough to really give you a solution.

I "will" say that you do not press the arrows on the radio when it is in clone mode. The software places the radio into clone mode "automatically" and then into "sending" or "receiving" depending on what you are trying to do (Sending for Reading from radio to PC).  If the radio is in clone mode the moment you plug in the cable, then something isn't right, as it should not go in to clone mode until software "tells" it to.

IF the radio is sending faster than the computer can take it, go to the Settings for radio and adjust the timing slider to far LEFY and see if that should fixes it. IF NOT Check the Increase Read Speed box and those tow things should do it for most cases.

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==================== QUESTION ====================

 I purchased your Scan Cat a while back. I have it set and what I
 want to do is download from scanner to computer to print it out and
 eventually reprogram the scanner from computer to scanner to update some
 of the frequencies.
 I am trying to go from scanner to computer. The cord color is white
 Can you please e-mail back with the settings needed for a
 Pro-96 scanner.  I have the program set to the scanner Pro-96
 it is on com port 4.
 The computer is reading the scanner. The
 scanner will go into download or sending mode. I press the up key and  number 1. However the computer is reading faster than the scanner can  send the information. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME ASAP. I'm frustrated
Also while you are sending the download from scanner to computer settings can you also please send the settings for upload from computer to scanner.
Thanks for your time!