Hi The baud rate is automatically set by the software when you access the radio.  I would suggest first READING what is in the radio first to make a backup. 

This is a FAQ on the cables used for this radio


This is a FAQ that details some of the more common problems when you cannot connect to the radio.



The Public Safety CD is an ALl in one CD. Put the CD into your computer and it will come up with a Menu. One of the Menu Choices is the "Personal Database" files. It comes up as a screen in your Browser. READ the  instructions on this beginning page on where to copy those files. Scroll down until you see "Pick a State". After clicking on a state, the counties will show up. Follow the instructions on the beginning page on where to copy those files.

Here is a link to a 5 part tutorial on how to use the CD's database files.

If you still have problems, it is usually a Comm port problem. We show you the comm ports that are "existing" when you go to the "Select Radio" menu. If you use the USB cable from Radio Shack, start at the HIGHEST port first and then if you can't connect, work your way down to the next lower port number

Customer Name: Brad
Product #1: Scancat-Lite
Product #2: Mr. Scanner public safety CD
Product #3: .RSD Databases
Dealer: Computer Aided Technologies

Comments: I am unable to program My PRO 96 scanner. I can not find the "Baud rate " in the owners manual. Can not find area in program to choose state and County.

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