I just tested this, and I'm able to load all the banks at once (sequentially).  I think this is a "timing issue", and if you adjust the Timing slider to a LOWER value on the Radio Selection window, it should take care of this. We had a Terrible time with this radio. It want's to time out if data isn't sent within a short length of time.  As we go from bank to bank, there are delays that are necessary to put the radio in the right "mode" so the next bank of data can be sent.

Too short a delay, the radio won't take it

Too Long a delay, the radio quits (times out with a t-err)

Different speed Computer's seem to Skew the timing delay settings. We use the timing slider to help offset these differences.

The PRO-94(B) is a "2nd run" model, as the original didn't permit ANY computer connectivity. So - We have dealt with programming this unit the best that we can.

If after timing adjustments, you still have problems, then I know the best "solution" is simply load it one bank at a time.... that way you know it will "work'.


--- Joe <n7jeh@arrl.net> wrote:

> I'm programming my Pro-94B with this software.  Is
> there an issue with
> the load entire radio option with this radio?  It
> seems to just load
> one bank then stop.
You have to turn it off then back on to load
each bank.
   If you wait to long it will load the other
bank instead.
Look for the word,"end" on the display.
Time you see it turn it off them back on.
   Keep doing this till all banks are loaded
in scanner.


> Joe - N7JEH

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