It's not "our fault". We only list radios that support computer connectivity. The OLD PRO-94 (NO "B") did not have this ability. Can't be done, like trying to start a car that doesn't have a motor under the hood. The "B" model has a jack on the right side of the radio.

See this FAQ for more details


If you bought it in the last 30 days, Take the radio back to RS and exchange it for the "B" model. that's the only solution. RS has a 30 day no questions asked return/exchange policy.

If you DO get the right model, the cable you have and the software will program it.

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I have a pro 94 not a 94-B. I have tried to use your software for this scanner with no luck.I am using a usb cable. I would like to know why your software does not list just a pro 94.