Unless it has a Jack on the RIGHT side of the radio labeled PC/IF, it is not the "B" model and can't be programmed with a computer. Some of the older radios from Radio Shack DO use the headphone jack, the Older PRO-94's (which you apparently have) do not have that feature and do not have any of the Chips in the radio to permit programming.

Holding the radio in your right hand, facing you, there must be a "jack" on the side of the radio under your thumb. If so, then it will work. We support the PRO-94B (latest version of radio).

You CANNOT use the top (earphone) jack. It doesn't have the connections.

Best regards

Jim Springer

    I am considering buying your software but have a question. I have the Pro-94. How can I tell if it is the B version or not. To look at the radio it does not say if it is or not. I bought it second hand and do not have the manual. The only jack outlets on it are the power adapter jack and the headphone jack. It is about one year old if that helps. Someone told me you actually plug the cable into the headphone jack because headphones only use the mono but the jack is equipped with another spot to accept the programming cable. Any help would be great as I would like to use your product.

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