I presume you have the 20-047 USB/Cable.

The PRO-83 has a side connector, and you plug the device into THAT jack (and of course) into the USB port on your computer.

There is no way for us to "detect" what port the radio is on, so you have to go through the ones we show on our "SELECT RADIO" menu, and.... when you find the right one, there are two LEDS inside the orange case. They will blink repeatedly as the program is sending data to the radio. UNTIL they are blinking, then most likely you are not using the right port number and will have to go through them one at a time to find the one that works.

Usually once you get the LEDs blinking, everything will load to the radio.

If you continue to have problems, first look at these FAQ's, and then if no luck, email me again.



I bought your Scancat-Lite the other day and I like it very much so far, except that it is not succeeding in programming my scanner.  I have a PRO-83 and the new USB cable.  I am using the adaptor on the end of the cable.  When I go into Load Radio and click Load Freqs in Selected Bank to Radio, the cursor steps from channels 1-20 in the Chan# column, then goes up to the Frequency column for channel 1 and stops.  From that point nothing happens.  I am following the R/S directions and first plugging the cable into the scanner, then turning the scanner on, at which time it says PGM and WIRED.  I left it overnight and nothing changed.  I removed the cable, turned the scanner off, then on, and none of the channels had been updated by the computer.

Best regards