Probably 75% of the "don't work" complaints we get are related to the "cable".

Is the PRO082 the ONLY Scanner/radio you have?
    if so....
If the cable you have actually came from RadioShack, even it is "old", then most likely it won't work on Win 8 OR work on the PRO82. The ORIGINAL cable was "black" and had a RS232 DB9 on the computer end. Part number was a "20-048. They have not been available for YEARS. AND the computers of "today" don't have the mating DB-9 socket (RS232 Socket). All computer today only have a USB.

The USB cable Radio Shack used to sell was the 20-047, and it had an orange circuit capsule. It was replaced with the 20-546. Your radio is a very old radio. And always had "problems" because of the way it uses the headphone jack for programming. NEWer radios use a special jack on the side of the radio, and that solved most of those problems.

THIS is a link to a FAQ that gives a bit more detail.

You mention "it used to work", but that was probably on an older computer - not Win 8.

Frankly there is no easy solution.

It isn't "our fault". I can give you a refund if you can NOT find a solution

Unless you buy into a newer radio, I sincerely doubt you can get it to work.


I give up.  I hae been trying to get this to work ever since I downloaded.  I am using Win 8.1.  My cable has a USB plug on one end and the other end plugs into the earphone jack on the scanner which is a RS Pro 82. The cable says "Prolific" on it. It is supposed to be a clone of the RS cable.  It worked several years ago but won't now.  I really don't know if it is the cable or me.  I am 66 and on disability and to tell the truth I am not as sharp as I used to be on a computer.  I am going to study your UTube videos tomorrow and see if I can get it working.  I am on a fixed income and do not wish to put more money into this if a cable is needed. If I can't is there a possibility I could get a refund?  I can't see well enough to manually program so I'll just wait for my son to come over and get him to program it for me.  Thanks......



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