Most of the older "PRO-7X and 8X" units use the headphone jack. If you have the Newer USB 20-047 cable then you WOULD NOT use the 3" stereo to mono adaptor, as the CENTER connector of the main cable is what carries the "PC DATA" on these older units

FYI - there ARE a couple of exceptions to these. The litmus test is to see if the radio had a jack on the RIGHT side of the radio labeled PC/IF. The PRO83 and PRO84 and PRO94"B" use this "new" style connection, so you would use a MONO cable connection to the radio (add the adaptor to the 20-047 USB cable)/


If you have the 20-289 Grey/white cable, then it will not work. You will have to purchase the USB cable.

Hello all. I have been using scancat lite for my pro-97 and 433 and
just now discovered I can use it for my older model pro-79. Question
is, Do I plug the cable into the headphone jack? Don't want to fry
anything if I'm wrong, but there's nowhere else to connect. SO common
sense tells me ys, but I thought I'd ask the group to play it safe
also, will the -047 RS cable work with the 79? I also own the 75,
which doesn't see much use anymore, makes for a decorative paperweight.