The PRO64 uses the Headphone jack. SO you can purchase the 20-047 USB adaptor from Radio Shack $24.99. It will use the default "Stereo" plug, without adaptor.  Our Scancat-Lite-Plus supports this radio, but the radio can only ACCEPT programming, Not "send" it to the PC. So, since the radio cannot be "read", (and) our DEMO will only "READ" a radio, The demo cannot do much if you connect to the radio. Only the full version will work.

FYI - We still have a few CAT-64 cables left from when this radio was more popular. If you purchase with the software instead of the $29.95 Price tag, it would be $19.95. But Our CAT-64 only works on the PRO-64.
The 20-047 USB cable would work on almost ANY radio. See a recent post where I gave the pin-outs on the 20-047 and a way of using it with just about "anything".

FYI - the PRO64 only goes to about 470 MHZ, so it's not going to work on almost all of the newer 800 mhz trunking systems.

 . . making the 20-047 a much better deal if you ever decide to get a newer 800 mhz capable radio.


> Hi all
> I have recently got a pro-64 and need to know how to
> get make lead so
> it will run on scancat. i did not get any
> instructions or user manuals
> for this unit so any help will be greatley
> appreciated
> Regards
> Andrew