I'll try and help you figure this out. It Seems that in the bank where it all goes "out", there could be a frequency that is not acceptable to the radio. SOmetimes it's as simple as leaving out a decimal
        IE: 453825 instead of 453.825

The "counters" are not indicating a "channel number", it's only the count of how many data items are being received by the radio. Usually there are 2-3 data "sends" per frequency/channel. IF you have 74 and there are 50 frequencies, then most likely the error would be around "half" of the 74 count... and that should get you into the approx area of error.

ALSO adjust the timing... as Terr means a "time out error" and the radio quit waiting for another data item (usually 10 second or more)
Go to the Select Radio Screen and adjust the timing to far left -

This PRO433/528 radio(s) is so new we don't have a lot of FAQ specific to IT, but most of the hangups and timing issues are applicable to ALL the RS radios
We close for holiday at noon, but still answer email a couple of time per day from Home, so let me know if still having problems.


Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by
 (jtaadmin@yahoo.com) on Thursday, December 21, 2006 at 21:57:10
Customer Name: Iain
Product In Use: Scancat-Lite-Plus
Radio In Use: Radio Shack PRO-433
Cable In Use: 20-047 USB
Dealer: CAT
Comments: Hi,
I am new to this stuff so please bare with me.
I have just bought Scancat-lite-plus to program my Radio Shack PRO-433.
Select Radio - Details:-
Timing Delay 0.01 (Default)
Baud Rate 9600 (Default?)
Using Radio Shack cable 20-047 USB cable to communicate
Using Windows XP SP2
I go to the Scancat program and hit <Load/Read Radio  - Read Entire>
At this point it starts uploading the frequencies from the banks in the scanner.
I get the green & red LED s on the Radio Shack cable.
All is good until Bank 3 around rec74. At this point the program locks up.
Finally I get  T-err  on the scanner.
I have repeated this process numerous times and get the same result except the
Rec the program locks up at goes down by one every time; 74 then 73, 72 and so on.
Any idea how I can fix this?
I have checked all your documentation and on-line help.  No mention of this problem. In fact no mention of a PRO-433 anywhere!