I'm not sure this is the right answer, but I feel you are only programming a "single bank" to the radio. The radio can only be programmed by sending ALL TEN BANKS at once. So if you "add" a single bank, you have probably erased the other nine.

In addition, all freqeuncies that are trunking in that bank must have the TRUNK CHECK BOX checked, otherwise they get programmed as "conventional".

IF you programmed the bank correctly, then if you still get noise, most likely the system is "digitaL" and cannot be received on the PR0-2055

    Tech Dept.,=0D
    I have just purchased A Radio Shack PRO-2055 triple trunking scanner =
your Scancat-lite Pro Program.=0D
    My problem is that when I load my listings made with Scancat-Lite the
scanner will not switch to any other banks when on scan and stays on the
zero bank, also I have no squelch noise even with the squelch wide open.=0D

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