The PRO-97/2055 use a CLONING method to program the radio. This means the entire process is actually a "memory dump" from one radio to the other. Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL) becomes ONE of the radios so that it can either read what is in a radio or program it.

The Memory "dump" or cloning is always the memory for the entire 1000 channels, there is no other way. So when you program the radio, IF you do not include all the frequencies in the radio along with changes or additions, then what is not included will not end up in the radio.

- FIRST - read what is in the radio back to SCL.
- SAVE that file as a filename that indicates it the "origianl radio"
          such as "PRO-2055original.RSD"
- THEN add or delete frequencies, and when you have the SCL database
  as you want it FOR ALL TEN BANKs, SAVE it first AS SOME OTHER FILENAME
  and then (re)program your radio.

Here is how to cut and paste so that you can move frequencies around from channel to channel or bank to bank

Here is how to load a SECOND DATABASE and then use that to add frequencies to your main database without a lot of typing.

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