Don't give up, something simple is probably wrong.

What color is the cable you are using?

Have you tried ALL of the available comm ports (one at a time)?




Here are some links of both questions, and that may solve your problems. If not give me a bit more detail beyond "don't work", and I think you'll be able to get it going in quick order

If you want someone to do it for you, call 1-800-423-1331 - Choose any of the options and then punch "0" to get someone. Ask for Norm.
I think they get about $25.00 + Shipping charges/

Dear Jim,
I have had trouble with trying to program my scanner. I have the scancat lite  that you sent me, and I have all of the frequencies put in the chart. However, I am having trouble putting them in the scanner itself. I have a Radio Shack 2051 Scanner. I was wondering how much it would cost me for you to put the channels in for me, or what do I need to do. Thanks so much.


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