Most likely you have something else interfering with the data flow. I'd try using a different comm port (or) a different computer. You will probably have good results if you do. Then, you can research what is running in the background that could be interfering with the data going to the radio.

"S" errors are never going to be software "mis-compiling data", but the result of communications problems while the data is going to the radio through the hardware.  Even one dropped "character" and the radio's check sum will not match what WE are sending, and that's why the "S" error's occur.

Look at these FAQ links, and maybe they will provide the solution.

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Jim Springer
I tried to use the tech support page on the Website but it would not send just kick me out.
I am trying to program my Pro 2051 using the RS 20-289 cable and I keep getting a S-Err error itís a checksum error but what do you do to get rid of it?
I have tried to change the timing no good I tried checking and un checking the XP box still no good.
John Souza
PO Box 4042
Crestline Ca 92325
Downloaded from website the ScanCat lite Plus program last Sunday the 30th of July.
Thank you

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