I presume you saved your database that was used to program the PRO-97?  If not you could always read back from the radio what is in "it" and then save that to a personal database (RSD file).

Then connect up your 2051 - set SCL for the 2051 scanner - load the saved database and use it to program the 2051. Both radios support trunking, so other than if one radio has more or less channels than the other, that's about the only thing you would need to change/re-arrange.


Customer Name: David
City: Taylorsville
State: ut
Zip Code: 84118
Country: USA
Product In Use: Scancat Lite
Radio In Use: pro 97
Cable In Use: orange 20-047
Dealer: CAT
Comments: Hello, I purchased your scancat lite software and programmed my Pro 97 perfectly.  Now, after building my databases I would like to program my pro-2051 using the same databases I built.  Is there a way to easily change them to program the other scanner or do I need to start from scratch again?