Ok then, the comm port is set correctly. Try adjusting the "timing" as per the FAQ, Normally this will straighten out the "err" problems.

The PRO-2051 is a real "Challenge" to program, It has a number of quirks, and while we can overcome most of them, some are more difficult than others.

D-err is normally a frequency the radio doesn't like, we've also noticed that if there is a D'err, sometimes the rest of the frequencies in that bank don't "take". Most times this is due to the user entering a extreme out of band frequency, or forgetting to include the "decimal"  (8652215 instead of 865.2215)

And, if you are a "techno person",
This is a copy of our "DOC's" explanations for errors.

“C-Err” when an Over run error is detected on a communication line.
“d-Err” when an illegal data frame is detected.
“L-Err” when the length field is outside this range.
“S-Err” when the checksum error is detected.
“T-Err” When the scanner receives no frames for 20 seconds,
        the scanner will display err and the latest frame number
       Other key operation:
            While programming, any key operations are ignored.
            During the Error mode, press [./CLR],
           Error will be reset and back to opening

C - D - S - T errors usually can be fixed with timing adjustments
                Start by reducing the timing delays.

ONLY the "T-err" seems to stop the radio from accepting any more PC data. The rest seem to keep on taking data, and ignoring the err's (usually results in an empty channel)

If not let me know


Ignore the last email in regards to my problem with not being to detect the radio. I read the FAQ and got the info.

I was getting  "d -err: and "r err" messages on my Pro-94B when loading the files though. I will try to figure these out.