the PRO-107 is one of two scanners from Radioshack that uses a "proprietary" software and database.
They are the PRO-107 and the PRO-108. What that means is the frequency database is included on it's SD Memory Card,
AND, is also encrypted.  While the radio comes with a basic software program, the manufacturer has steadfastly
resisted providing the necessary documentation (called the Protocol) to 3rd party software authors, such as "us".

Because the data on the memory card is encrypted, it can't be "read" or edited even if copied to a hard drive
unless you have the "encryption key". The only thing that will permit "using it" is the provided
software from the Scanner.

GRE made RadioShacks scanners, but went out of business about 3 years ago. There has been a "Phoenix" company
called Whistler that now owns most of their manufacturing processes, but they to refuse to provide "anything".

So you will not be able to find "anything" or "anyone" short of a company that would be able to 'Hack'
the encryption, and that is something "we" will not do.

Best regards