I'm not sure what the exact problem is without seeing the file you use to program the PRO106, but, the most common problem is not setting the DIGITAL trunking systems to P25-Digital
        Look at this FAQ for more detail

ALSO, You can only put ONE trunking system Per "Bank". AND, you cannot MIX trunking with conventional frequencies. Radioshack's older radios permitted this, but not the PRO106/197's
Let me know if this helps

Jim '

Below is the result of your tech support question.  It was submitted by
 (kstraus@sbcglobal.net) on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 23:00:04
Customer Name: Kim
State: WI
Zip_Code: 53132
Country: USA
Product_In_Use: Scancat-lite plus
Radio_In_Use: Radio Shack Pro-106
Cable In Use: 20-546
Comments: I've loaded all my information, and loaded it into the scanner and now all I'm getting is only 1 (one) City nothing else is picking up. Even though they are scanning down on the bottom. This is soo frustrating. Please help me!!


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