The Trunk Sys Settings column is the very last (Far right) column on each database grid. The first selection is the 'trunk system type' and it has a number of trunk type's in the "Pulldown". Make sure you use The Mot P25 setting. Its way down at the bottom of all the other types.


Look at the this link for a screen shot

That should do it.

I just programmed a PRO-197 for one of our deputies. It works fine on the
analog talkgroups, but does not decode the digital talkgroups. This is on a
4.1 3600 baud mixed mode analog/digital system (Durham, NC).

I am the system manager, have the talkgroup info in the scanner (used Scan
Cat Lite to program).

When the digital talkgroup is transmitting the scanner sounds like a
conventional radio intermittently breaking squelch, but no audio.

Any ideas? Anyone else having this problem?

Rik Rasmussen
Two Way Radio Directory

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Best regards

Jim Springer
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