This is the "normal" way the radio behaves when a cable is plugged into the PC/IF Jack.  Don't press any buttons on the "Radio", just let the software take control and it will place the scanner into the proper "transfer mode" from the computer.

The radios were originally designed to clone to another identical RADIO, which would require buttons to be pressed. With software that is not necessary


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 (robert.ciuffetelli@intralot.us) on Wednesday, September 09, 2009 at 02:25:12
Customer Name: robert
Country: us
Product_In_Use: scancat lite
Radio_In_Use: radioshack pro 164
Cable In Use: 20 047  oarange
Dealer: radio shack

Comments: when I plug the scanner up it says to press the up button and then press 1 for more and then it says disconnect