This was a problem that started when Windows 7 first came out, and the control "PKLINK.OCX" was not compatible with Win 7. We had to replace that control with one that was compatible, but it also require rewriting the code for the new one, which means there is no way to fix "yours".  \

You will have to upgrade to our latest version - which is at a cost, but still cheaper than if you bought it all over again.

Here is the info on our Upgrades, and also some links to buy an Upgraded version.

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I bought version 1.2 of Scancat-Lite plus some years back, programmed my scanner, and did not really have a need to use it much after that.

I have a new computer and need to reprogram some things, but get the PKLINK.OCX missing error when trying to install the program from the CD.

Can you help me?

I have no idea what email address I used when I bought it, could be one of several:

or possibly one of several other ones I do not use any more.


xxxxx xxx Ave E
Puyallup, WA 98373


Jim Springer   <()>