I have a Radio Shack Pro-197 digital trunking scanner and ive used the Scancat-Lite  to program scanner  and added the county and the State Police I can hear the conventionual freq. but I can't hear the digital or the trunking freq. I don't hear talking or even any encryption. If you could give me any insite it would be great Thank you!


On the PRO-106/197, you have to TELL IT if the system is digital or analog. That is probably why you can't hear the digital systems.

DIGITAL systems require that you use the P-25 Digital setting in the "Trunk Sys setting". Look at this screen shot to see how that is accomplished.

If it is NOT DIGITAL, then it is usually the MOT TypeII 800

If you have one of the newer Unidens, It "Could" be the system is using the new "Custom bandplan" settings, and if you look at the above FAQ, "that" setting is in the same area (just below P25 setting) where you pick the digital - there is a "Custom Bandplan" setting that may need to be enabled - look at THIS screenshot

BUT - IF you have not updated the Radio, this would ALSO require their latest firmware upgrade, and that comes off Uniden's site.

Here's the link to "that" <GGGG>


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